Living in the United Arab Emirates has some great perks to it and is home to many thousands of British expatriates. A big thing that people do miss from back home however are the creature comforts of British Television. Ordinarily you cannot access British TV apps such as BBC iPlayer in Dubai, as this is geographically blocked, along with ITV Hub and All4 from Channel 4.

If you have a VPN installed on your devices however, this will be a restriction of the past, as with a VPN you will be able to unblock and access all UK TV apps in Dubai or anywhere else in the world.

VPN technology replaces your IP address in the UAE to that of one from the UK, so that all UK only apps and websites will again be available to you when abroad. This technology is also used widely in the Middle East as it will also unblock any online services that the local governments have blocked due to local laws. So if you want to date online using Tinder or speak to your relatives on Skype on the other side of the world, you will again be able to do so.

PRIVATRAX is a popular VPN service with British people living in the United Arab Emirates as it is one of the few that unblocks both BBC & ITV when connected and is also unlimited in data usage, so that you may watch as many hours of HD streaming as you wish.

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